Karnival DagangHalal

Karnival DagangHalal Food Expo

In collaboration with two of Malaysia’s best, the Karnival DagangHalal is a food expo that was realised with a goal in mind: to promote local-based cuisines and foodstuff with the intention of uplifting our native community. 4 exhibition values are practised within our carnival, creating intrinsic qualities and unparalleled edge with:

50k visitors at halal food expo

As a food expo, we’re proud to have called upon surveyors sampling an estimated audience size; in it, a hungry crowd of about 80,000 shall be scouring for lunches and munchies.

halal food supply chain

B2B & B2C makes not a difference within our food fair. The privilege of Karnival DagangHalal is its uniqueness of catering to all. Just focus on your trade and cooking, that’s all you gotta do.


$1.5 million Ringgit in approximate advertising value was spent for our food expo. This big budget used in spreading awareness and interest is no small a speck in order to gather international fame. Your brand will be seen – far and wide. Definitely.

Advertisement of this food expo on the billboard

Selling the same feed is just meh. Culinary art is creative epiphany tried and true, and that comes by seeing – which gets interest piqued. Build relationships in our food expo, export by distribution network after, and accumulate brand positioning is the goal.

an exhibitor do the explanation to the visitor

Among The Largest End Consumer Halal Food Exposition

The themes in our food festival may change, but our alliance will always remain with the Islamic dietary laws. From the utensils, to the cutleries, to the table, and the indoor stall, it ain’t no stranger to say that this food expo is Halal compliant, and one of the largest at it. Making up the convention here are men and women securing the Muslim marketplace, where global Halal trade is valued $2 trillion USD by 2025 (Source: Statista).

Celebrate With Multicultural Food Fair Delights

Diverse flavours. Vibrant cultures. Extraordinary tastes. Skip that café scheduling and host in this food fair for a joyous celebration. Be a part to present beverage of all kinds, mouthwatering dishes and deep-fried snacks as a treasured gastronomic experience, leaving the public and corporate merchandisers inspired and also heartfelt satisfied to source orders from.

Want To Exhibit? Come Rent A Booth In Karnival DagangHalal Food Expo

Leave the food truck out this time, it’s too small a street to gain traction from. Now, say hello to our food expo in the mall. Citizens WILL walk in, and the school may bring a tour. Those chefs that excel at traditional foods as a classic? You got a niche in fusion cuisine specialisation. So, what’s better than to showcase that flair of your food preparation techniques and dishes for the world to see?

Reserve and design your booth now, limited positions only.

One of our co-organizer logo in green colour, DagangAsia Network Holding Sendirian Berhad.


One of our co-organizer in orange colour logo, Tastefully Malaysia Sendirian Berhad.

Led By Veterans For A Trade Show of Feast

The masters of their respective fields are now in unity. With the pinnacle, irreplaceable DagangHalal’s product supplying experience meet 10+ years of food expo organising knowledge with Tastefully. The resulting combination drew Karnival DagangHalal food court—seeing the semblance lie in the smorgasbord category of nutriment—in which the topic of edibles are all too familiar of.

Featuring The Biggest Names In Food Festivals

Individuals, foreign distributors and wholesalers will have their eyes and attention here in Karnival DagangHalal food expo. We’re proud to be saying that Malaysia’s best makers of agriculture produce, traditional food-turned-industrialised products and more will be featured. It’d be the best food tourism there is.

Media Outreach In Karnival DagangHalal Food Expo

The limelight is shining on our food expo, and a result in the spiritual works of SocMed, paper advertising, booklets, buntings, websites, foodie influencers, goodie bags for logo recognition and more, be part of this brimming fair in a journey of extravagant chow down.

Food Exhibition Sustainable Practices

Experience a food exhibition like no other, where a strong emphasis is placed on implementing sustainable practices that promote environmental stewardship, reducing waste, and embracing eco-friendly solutions, creating a greener and more responsible event.

Our Food Fair's Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why should I join the Karnival DagangHalal food expo?

People join the Karnival DagangHalal food expo for various reasons. If you're segmented as part of the public, for one, visitors come by at the exciting adventure of culinary tourism. To influencers and/or bloggers at the sight of trade show visitation, they'll be in awe for a plethora of opportunity expansion. It could just be a food expo in which topics of their respective channels can be explained further, or these can be commercialised as affiliates to represent nibbles of the branded sponsors. Others as corporate men and women are brewing for commerce (by bringing in a new entry of common, sometimes exotic foods, as inventories into their belts), while the remainder could be on the look out for potential consumer packaged goods (CPG) exporting. The Karnival DagangHalal has its benefits as a fiercely dynamic event, but if it's the exhibitor to be joining (although still dependent on the agenda of the corporate entity itself), one thing's certain at the course of registering within our exposition, and it's that the rented food expo is to gather sales and reach higher highs as your culmination point. In Karnival DagangHalal's case, we can summarise this trade show for having:

1) Open Visitation: This food expo connects you directly with people, and with the industry's most formidable professionals, regulators, and collaborators in the arrival, forge FMCG, warehousing and logistic-based alliances for unparalleled success.

2) A Ground of Innovation & Strategy: With food and beverage market insights gleaned towards trying new tastes, surveying, and sourcing more, this food expo will give you, as a vendor, the edge to capture the market.

3) Being Part Of The Titans In The Halal Industry: You'll be converging your brand as a fearless industrial leader to gain consumers' trust in this cooking festival. The food expo features supplier channels harnessed from a global network, where borders will be smashed, and international markets soon conquered.

4) Culinary Prowess Unleashed: Lead a gastronomic revolution at your food stand. Filled by a rojak full of flavours; it could be explosive in tang, it may be sweet in all-natural edible making, or it could be sour and eccentric (yet healthy) in eatables.

Who is eligible to walk into Karnival DagangHalal food fair to enjoy its crowd and entertainment?

Anyone. Practically speaking, anyone satiating their appetites can just walk right into our food expo... unless it's a 2 year old, or an old man in their late 90s of age travelling out and about for a curiosity spice - in which the said infant/individual might probably need a guide, parent or a guardian for a palatable interest in that case (chuckles). The Karnival DagangHalal food expo will be held in IOI Putrajaya where public visitations are filled to its energetic brim, and features accessible highways directed from Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Putrajaya, Cyberjaya, Kajang, Puchong, Serdang, and also Bangi. You can also see why that quantitative surveyors were expecting some 80k people traffic directing onto the trade show. Also, as the food expo is built within Malaysia, don't be surprised that it's multi-cultural in enjoyment, and that various different races as culinary warriors will be coming altogether in unity.

Entertainment wise - in a foodie's aspect, unleash (and we mean seriously to UNLEASH) your hunger within the Karnival DagangHalal food fair. There'll be a tempest of flavours through mouthwatering feasts that will be complemented by an itenerary of events surrounding this festival. An example would be lucky draw, and whether you're a ravenous food enthusiast, a tenacious business conqueror, or simply craving an adrenaline-packed drink, be welcome to stay throughout to witness the food expo's events.

What sort of food would there be in Karnival DagangHalal?

Karnival DagangHalal has vendors that offers a wide variety of Halal food options from different cuisines, including traditional favorites, innovative creations, grilled meats, rice dishes, curries, kebabs, soups, street food specialties, baked goods, and sweet treats. Prepare to be tantalised and overwhelmed by the explosive culinary extravaganza that is Karnival DagangHalal! Brace yourself for an assault on your taste buds as this epic event unveils a fearless parade of diverse and irresistible Halal food options. From the battle-hardened warriors of traditional favourites to the audacious innovators of culinary creations, this fair showcases a relentless onslaught of flavours from every corner of the globe.

Indulge in the relentless assault of mouthwatering grilled meats that sizzle with unyielding perfection. Experience the explosive firepower of flavorful rice and biryanis, igniting your senses with every fragrant bite. Savour the aromatic curries that wage war on blandness and the savoury kebabs that deliver a victorious punch of flavour. Engage in the relentless onslaught of fragrant soups and stews that warm your soul and the street food specialties that reignite your culinary passions.

But the battlefield of flavours does not stop there. Be prepared to engage in a relentless conquest of freshly baked bread and pastries, conquering each delicate morsel with the ferocity of a true culinary conqueror. And for those with a sweet tooth, the onslaught of delectable treats knows no bounds. Brace yourself for an all-out assault of confections, where the battlefield is strewn with delectable delights that will leave you breathless and begging for more.

Karnival DagangHalal is not for the faint-hearted—it is a battleground where regional and international cuisines clash, vying for supremacy in a cacophony of taste and aroma. Whether you crave the fierce flavours of Malaysian delicacies, the explosive Middle Eastern delights, the relentless Asian street food, the audacious Mediterranean-inspired dishes, or the fearless fusion creations that defy convention, this epic fair will quench your cravings and leave you craving for more.

Prepare for a culinary blitzkrieg like no other, as Karnival DagangHalal unveils a dazzling array of Halal-certified products. From snacks that wage a relentless assault on your taste buds to beverages that intoxicate with their boldness, from dairy products that champion freshness to frozen treats that deliver icy satisfaction, and from organic offerings that embrace the purity of nature to cutting-edge innovations that redefine culinary boundaries—this is the battlefield where culinary heroes rise and legends are made.

How do I become an exhibitor in this Karnival DagangHalal food expo?

Simply contact us in our website, through calls, via email sent, or even speak to our co-organizer that is Tastefully - which we're both responsible for the exhibition, and that's how a brand may be initiated to be a part of Karnival DagangHalal food expo as an exhibitor. If it's in our contact page, you may simply fill in the form needed and our spokesperson will be contacting you for the trade show after. If it's through a phone call, the Karnival DagangHalal food expo team be answering you to better get details as to send the required exhibitor documents to be filled the same. This is also no different through emails as you send one to get the event placement.

Discussions with our seasoned sales team will involve booth availability, pricing type, registration processing, as well as other miscellaneous findings, and every food manufacturer, distributor, supplier, or Halal-certified business will go through an indelible processing for us to see if you are eligible to be accepted. For one, the Karnival DagangHalal food carnival prevents the clashing of interest (2 corporates of the same niche) within our event. And likewise, we also filter out organizations that may be flagged of potential criminality.

How do I gain leads in this trade show?

You gain leads in this trade show primarily through walk-ins, and this is dependent by several uncontrollable factors, which may include positioning of your stand, the showcasing of your products and/or services, decoration of your food booth, as well as the activity at which the corporate spokesperson initiate conversations during the live Karnival DagangHalal food exhibition.

Exhibitors are also encouraged to advertise that they'll be part of the Karnival DagangHalal food fest just so loyal customers may hop-in for a visitation. Other factors affecting your lead generation further includes exclusive promotions, giveaways and your cooking during the food expo.

The public might buy your merchandise directly from the counter, and that's without any intention of signing up further. Others at the interest of expanding their line of inventories may build interests with you by penning down their information during the food expo.

How can I ship my products for this food fair?

If you plan to become an exhibitor for the Karnival DagangHalal food fair, please be advised that you will also have to arrange your own shipping. Our expertise lies merely in organising food-based trade shows, but never in providing the necessary logistics needed. Careful planning must be sought from all vendors and exhibitors prior to the date at which the food fair becomes live.

As a vendor, what should I wear in Karnival DagangHalal food expo?

All vendors and exhibitors in the Karnival DagangHalal food expo should be dressed professionally and appropriately. This means that your representatives must be in your own enterprise's dress code during the trade show. Be reminded that your attire speak volumes and leave an impression mark on every encounter.