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About Us

Karnival DagangHalal is one of the largest end consumer Halal food expo that begun in the year of 2023, beginning from the 29th of September to the 1st of October. The initiation came into fruition as a joint effort between two organisations that are seen specialised in the same food and beverage field.

Our Mission

To promote and celebrate Halal-local cuisine, driving positive impact and elevating native communities through cultural heritage and culinary excellence.

Our Vision

To help increase Malaysia’s Gross Domestic Product by encouraging exporting while enhancing the country’s edge as a Halal food hub.

Meet The Co-Organisers

This is one of our co-organizer, DagangAsia Network Holding Sdn Bhd.

DagangHalal.com is a B2B hub of Halal goods to be supplied and looked for wholesaling and  distributorship, featuring its very own proprietary engine further that verifies, and maintains the various different certification. DagangHalal.com’s revolutionary hub breaks down barriers and ushers in a period of rapid Halal trade.

  • DagangHalal begun in the year of 2008.
  • Is currently one of the leading Halal e-marketplace platform.
  • Has over 5,000+ active Halal-certified suppliers.
  • Facilitate international sales with online & offline channels.
  • Features extensive distribution and wholesaler connections.


One of our co-organizer in orange colour logo, Tastefully Malaysia Sendirian Berhad.

Tastefully leads Malaysia’s F&B exposition domain, bridging the gap between brand owners and business clientele as well as consumers. With extensive networks in Food, Halal, Health, and Digital specialist markets, Tastefully propels business and trade, showcasing gastronomic excellence and commercial triumph.

  • 12+ years of food expo experiences is under Tastefully’s belt.
  • 10 million visitation milestone is achieved since.
  • Organised more than 100+ trade shows throughout Malaysia.
  • Features an account of 5,000+ active F&B merchants.


Accessibility Standard

You are not left out. Great consideration is taken to ensure any visually-impaired visiting Karnival DagangHalal has a user-friendly experience with:

  • Colour-blind friendly designing
  • Complete blindness accessible
  • Website documentation compliant
  • Myopia-friendly font sizes

Embracing Sustainability

The future is green. Our sustainability integrates eco-friendly practices and fostering a culture of environmental responsibility with:

  • Byte-minised for carbon footprint reduction.
  • Digital accessibility and paperless information.
  • Eco-friendly food tourism through electronic routing.
  • Sustainable event coordination with a waste management focus.

Site Speed

This website’s loading go brrr. Lightweight for speed, visitors are presented fast and benefitted with:

  • Optimized codes, network, and minimal animation for anywhere visitation.
  • Quicker interaction rating.
  • Individualized pages for appropriate content presentation.